About Us

About Us

For the past 3 years, we have always tried to provide our customers with best cleaning services. Having an expert team, GREENHUB is one of the best cleaning companies in Canada.

We Are Leading Cleaning Company in Vancouver

living and working a clean area will help you get better vibes. Better vibes help you have a better life. What is clear is that nobody likes to spend time in an untidy environment. Working in an untidy and disordered office will reduce your productivity and coming back to a messy home is disappointing. But the point is that you probably don not have enough time to clean your place. Having a great team, GreenHub Cleaning Company is here to provide you with all types of cleaning services including:


Collaegues & Counting


Successfully Project


Year of experience

Our Mission

Our mission is to clean different places like offices, hotels, schools etc. But it is important to us to not damage eco system and people by using chemical detergents.
Also, we are commited to our initial goals to gather a great team to have the ability of providing high quality cleaning services.

Our Vision

Here at GreenHub Cleaning Company we believe that a cleaner world is a better world. The fact that cleanliness sends good vibes to people cannot bedenied. Using green detergents to avoid damaging the eco system, Green Hub is trying to take his part in making the world cleaner.

Trust and Worth

Our Clients

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